Hello there, Secret Seeker.

Are you lucky enough to be past age 65? Do you have parents who are? Brothers or sisters? Congratulations!

I know it does seems weird to hear Congratulations. Here’s the thing. Life is great after 65! That’s the secret!

There is lots of evidence that tells us the vast majority of people over age 65 live independently. As we age, we become more accepting of dying. And, individuals are happiest at the beginning and end of their lives. Aging is a natural process, with the ups and downs of any other stage of life. Armed with the right knowledge and a good sense of humor, the last decades of our lives can be the very best.

By talking about aging in a positive way, we are fighting an uphill battle. There is LOTS of negative stuff out there about aging, but that isn’t what you will find on this blog. There are secrets to making these decades the best, and my goal is to help you open your eyes to the ways to do this.

Who are the Perennials?

I will share with you all the knowledge I, and my guest bloggers, have gathered in our 20+ years of working with Perennials. And no, I don’t mean flowers. But I do like that it makes you think of them!  Perennials will be our affectionate term for everyone 65+. It is a perfect word, with meanings such as enduring and everlasting. It makes us think of growing, expanding, and blooming beautifully year after year.

Our stories here will include healthcare and caregiving, but we will broaden the picture to paint with the full color and complexity that these years contain so that you can navigate these years with all the information you need.

Thanks for visiting Rocking Chair Secrets, a love letter to everyone lucky enough to make it past 65 and all those who care about them.